Monday, 21 March 2011

River Beech Pub

19th March 2011

We were invited to see "Southside Cindy and the Sliptones" at the River Beech Pub, Chillicothe.

What a night!

The pub is opposite the Illinois River and has great views, only the week before we saw Bald Eagles in the trees by the river bank.

When you enter the pub you are greeted by a pine bar in front, and off to the right is the resturant again in pine with the stage at the far end. Our friends had reserved a table close to the stage, and when we arrived the band was setting up.

The pub has some speciality foods such as Beef Briscket  or Catfish, however we had eaten earlier so we did not try the food.

The band was superb, Cindy has such a stage pressence, and her voice was amazing. She was accompanid by a Backing singer, Keyboard player, Bass Guitar, Drums, and an Acoustic Guitar. It was not long before every one was up and dancing.

Great band, and a great evening.

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