Saturday, 26 April 2014

Living Lands & Water Tree Planting, and Bison Pow Wow - 26th April 2014

Living Lands and water is an organisation that is devoted to protecting the environment. The organisation holds Educational sessions, Tree Planting, River Clean-up Events etc. Their "Mission Statement" is:-

  • To aid in the protection, preservation and restoration of the natural environment of the nations’ major rivers and their watersheds.

  • To expand awareness of environmental issues and responsibility encompassing the river.

  • To create a desire and an opportunity for stewardship and responsibility for a cleaner river environment.
We attended a tree planting event which had an objective to plant 500 trees. Around 30 volunteers arrived for the event, and within 2.5 hours all trees had been planted.

 After the tree planting we went to the "Wildlife Prairie Park" to see the Bison Pow Wow event. Pow wows are a time to celebrate life, renew friendships, and share in the Native American culture through dance, drumming, art, story telling, and song. The drum, is the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and holds a special place at the ceremony. The emcee welcomes everyone to the pow wow circle, introducing the different dances and drums. The pow wow opens each day with a grand entry lead by veterans carrying flags, and followed by all the dancers dressed in bright regalia characteristic to their specific dance.


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Spring in Peoria - 8th April 2014

Spring has officially arrived in Peoria. The trees in the ravine at the rear of our house have at last decided to sprout buds. Following this record winter of cold and snow, it is such a relief to find that spring is at last approaching. To add to the spring excitement we have Friday and Saturday temperatures forecast to be in the low 20's Celsius. Yippee.

First buds of spring - April 2014 Peoria
Fox Squirrel finding the last nut of winter - April 2014 Peoria