Tuesday, 28 February 2012

ICC - 'Art of the Cocktail' Lessons

ICC 'Art of the Cocktail' February 17th 2012

We signed up for a training course at the ICC (Illinois Central College'. We expected to be making and tasting cocktails, however it did not quite turn out that way.

ICC Brochure
Cocktail Menu (Click image to enlarge)

The session started with the chef making a Margarita (Menu above), and explaining some of the best tips for the perfect cocktail.

Hints and Tips

Always add a small pinch of salt to a cocktail to enhance the flavour
Always chill the glass
Never use liquor from the freezer, use at room temperature
Always use freshly squeezed fruit for flavours
Shake the cocktail for 2 minutes (Adds 25% water from the ice)

The chef went on to make other cocktails (All of which we were able to try). He made instant pickles using a vacuum machine, made clear lemon juice using a centrifuge, and chilled the drinks using liquid nitrogen.

All in all a great evening with some amazing technical skills, and some great cocktails.

Below are some pictures from the evening.

Aneta tasting a 'Chocolate Cocktail'
Adding the Cocktail to Liquid Nitrogen
'French 75' Cocktails with the Instant Pickle
Selection of Cocktails
Making clear lemon juice in the Centrifuge
Tim, Carrie, and Silvia
The 'Witches Brew'
Tim and Carrie
Silvia and David
Carrie and Silvia

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Caribbean Coast - Colombia

Caribbean Coast - Colombia

Local Resident, curious about the new arrivals

Taking some fun on the Caribbean Sea

December 27th midnight, waking Silvia and myself from Bed to celebrate Silvia's Birthday

Celebrating Silvia's Birthday in PJ's

Cali and Marci

Waking Cali at 1:30 in the morning

Getting the Barbecue ready

The Barbecue

Love is in the Air

The Guys

The Girls

The Beech

The Coast

Ready for fun on the Banana

Time for a snack

Party Time!

The best air guitars in Colombia

Relaxing in the pool

Fiesta in the pool

Silvia's best friend

Time for Guaro

New Year Celebrations in the pool

Typical Tienda

Hand made gift shop

The Drive to the airport