Sunday, 21 April 2013

Peoria Flood - 21st April 2013

Peoria Flood - 21st April 2013

On the 17th April 2013, Peoria had a huge storm system that started at 5pm and lasted almost 24 hours. During this period over 7 inches of rain fell across Peoria and the Illinois state. The run off from this rain has ended up in the Illinois River which as of today was at 27 ft, and is forecast to reach 30 ft by Tuesday.

Below are the pictures we took today of downtown Peoria.

Close to Caterpillar Parking Lot
Joe's Crab Shack

Close to Cefcu Stage

Information Center

Martini's Bar

Ivy Club

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  1. Pics in Peoria reminds me of Velachery, a suburb in Chennai, India which would be just like this.. In rainy (Monsoon) season, public commuting would be very much affected...!!!!


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