Thursday, 3 March 2011

British Virgin Islands - Next 2 Days

18th February, we are still at Cooper Island.

We awoke early and went around the island to Cistern Point on the Dingy, to a famous area for Snorkeling. Silvia took some bread from the yacht, and in a few seconds we were surrounded by hundreds of fish eager for a free meal, one even came over and bit her finger.  We were fortunate to see many species of fish, including Blue Tang, Angelfish, and Sergent Majors

I was by now becoming a little bit of an expert with the Dingy, and after an hour or so, I herded everyone back on board to return to the Yacht. After a light snack, we unhooked from the Can and set sail for Scrub Island. The weather was again very calm with little wind, and we took several hours of sailing against the wind using tacking to get to the island.

Norman Island was very busy and we sailed around the bay many times until we found a Can to attach the Yacht. It was a little worrying this time as by the time we got to the Can there was only 4 feet of clear water between the bottom of the Yacht and the sea bed.

I had again been helping with the sailing, and when we arrived I worked hard to get the sails down and covered for the evening. When down I noticed we had a stow-away on board so I took the camera and captured a picture. You can see from this picture that it was a Brown Pelican. It liked our company and decided to stay and prune its feathers for around an hour before it took flight.

As it was getting late we decided to stay on the Yacht for the evening so we made a Steak BBQ with salad for our dinner turned on some light music and had a few drinks, talking the night away under the stars and a beautiful full moon.

I woke early the next day so went up on deck to enjoy the weather. I was really fortunate to see some frigate birds, and managed to get this picture against the early morning clouds.

Silvia, Carrie and David soon awoke and Silvia rustled up some wonderful scrambled eggs for breakfast. David who never finishes his breakfast made a new record and cleaned his plate for the first time.

After breakfast we got the Dingy ready and sailed across to the marina 'Tierra Tierra' on the island. The marina was spectacular. Beautiful painted walls, a bar in the pool with pool seating, a water slide, and an upper level restaurant.

The sun was just perfect so we got some sun beds and small tables and decided to enjoy the good weather.

Silvia and Carrie decide to go for walk, and visited the local store, clothing shops, and gift shops. I was really lucky as they decided not to buy anything (What a relief).

When they returned, Carrie went to the pool to read a book and Silvia went to the pool for a swim and to enjoy the weather. I stayed with David enjoying the sun and a large cocktail made with Chocolate sauce, rum, vodka and some other things. It was a perfect drink.

At lunch time we decided to order a mix of different foods to share, we choose the Chilled Shrimp, Crab Cake Sandwich, and Jerk Chicken wings. It was just perfect, and was cooked really well. 

After lunch Silvia and I went to the pool whilst David stayed on the sunbed and Carrie went back to reading her book. Silvia and I swam for a while then decided to try the water slide. We enjoyed it so much we were like little kids and went again and again and again. Eventually we returned to the sun beds to relax.
 As evening started drawing in we noticed that the local Rotary club were holding a Charity Auction for invited guests. We saw many luxury Yachts arriving and smart men accompanied by very elegant women began to arrive. When they got to the end of the pier they were offered a cocktail in a colourful glass, and went off to an upper floor for the big night. We decided it was time to take a shower and return to our yacht for the evening. On the way back from the shower a waiter gave Silvia a wonderful cocktail meant for the Rotary club guests, and we heard over the speaker system that Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Atlantic etc) had arrived and would conduct the auction.

We took one last picture together in the restaurant before we left, and returned to our yacht. What a great day with many memories. On the yacht we had dinner and some drinks before going to bed for the evening. We had to plan to get up early the next day for our longest sail yet to Norman Island.


  1. wow!
    i love the scenery , it's so exotic and the water .... it's crystal blue (i can't beleive it's water)
    .... what anadventure :)

  2. mary oberholtzerThursday, March 10, 2011

    This looks so beautiful and the water is gorgeous,it looks so calming.


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