Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Puerto Rico

22nd February 2011

We arrived in Puerto Rico at around 5:30pm, and took a taxi to the Hotel. We checked in and guess........... yes we ended up in the same room we had when we arrived a week ago the famous 'Bunker' room.

After checking in we took a taxi to the old town in San Juan. The taxi driver was real friendly and talked to us all the way. When we arrived the fare was $21, and as we only had $20 dollar notes available the driver said he was happy with $20 (He had no change available).

The old town is very beautiful and is full of old colonial architecture. 

We spent several hours walking around and enjoying the sights. It was a shame that we saw many poor people sleeping on benches, it made you feel how lucky you are in life.

We decided to look for a typical restaurant that served local food, and after asking several people we came across a restaurant called 'Raices' (In English this means Roots).

The restaurant was super busy. You had to reserve a table outside and there must of been over 20 people waiting. They did how ever have some tables and chairs so you could sit and enjoy the weather while you waited.

After around 35 minutes were were called to say our table was ready and we went inside. The decoration was great, it was made to look like you were at the entrance to an old shop selling everything from hardware to vegetables. On the far wall there was a huge mural painted on the wall that made you feel warm and comfortable.

The waitress 'Marcela' was superb, she took time to explain all the items on the menu. We ordered some drinks (Mojitos), and they arrived in a metal mug with straws. they tasted great. We then ordered our meal from the menu. Silvia choose 'Mofongo' with Cancan Pork Chops, and I choose the Cancan Pork Chops with rice and green beans. We also choose Tostones to share.

The meal arrived on metal plates and in metal bowls and was spectacular, it was also immense we could easily have fed 4 or more people.

The food tasted as good as it looked (11 out of 10), and we will both remember this night for a long time. My Pork Chop was over a foot long.

The food was just too much so we took a doggy bag, and returned to the Hotel.

The next day we flew back to colddddd Peoria taking our doggy bag with us, and we finished the meal for supper that evening.

If you have been following this Blog series I thank you for taking time to share our adventures. This was a Holiday of a lifetime, and we feel so privileged to have been able to make this trip.

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  1. Thank you so much to share those great moments with us... Would like to be there with you ! hope to see you & Sylvia soon. cheers... Valerie


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