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Stonehenge England - 23rd August 2011

Visit to England - Stonehenge – August 2011

We arrived at Stonehenge on the morning of the 23rd August after a long drive from Coventry. The weather was dry but cold, and as such there were few visitors at the site.

We parked the car and walked down to the main entrance, and after receiving an entry ticket and audio device, we took a tunnel under the main road and into the complex.

When you exit the tunnel and walk up to the stones, you feel a sense of awe. The stones and construction is much larger than you expect, and you wonder how ancient man was able to construct such a wonder.

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in the Wiltshire countryside of England, about 2 miles west of Amesbury and 8 miles north of Salisbury.

 This is one of the most famous sites in the world, and is made of earthworks surrounding a circular setting of large standing stones.

 Stonehenge is at the centre of a dense complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments including several hundred burial mounds.

It is believed that Stonehenge was erected 2,500 BC.

The main stones used in the construction “Blue Stones” were thought to have been quarried in the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire Wales, about 150 miles away from the site, and each stone weighed around 25 tons. 

The main entrance to the circle of stones is matched precisely with the position of the sunrise at Midsummer and the sunset in Midwinter.

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