Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cardboard Boat Race - Peoria

 3rd September 2011 – Cardboard Boat Race

We were invited to represent “Carrie’s Carp” in the Ivy Club’s annual Cardboard Boat Race. After many discussions we came up with a team theme of Girls in Belly Dancing beads, and Guys in blue tee shirts. I was to be “Official Security” and would be dressed up as an English Bobby (Policeman).

We arrived at the Ivy Club at 12 noon, and placed our boat on display to allow visitors to take bets on how well we would perform (All money went to charity).

I stood guard as security, and threatened any viewers with a “Violation Ticket” if they touched the boat. We had some team photo’s spoke to the press and made our last minute changes to ensure we were ready for event.

Around 2pm we walked the boat to the dockside chanting, “Who let the Carp out” along the way. We placed the boat into the water, and our team Captain and Sailor climbed aboard and waited for the starting signal.

The gun sounded and Carrie started rowing like a madwoman, but there was a stiff head wind, and the other teams had 2 men crews. After a good start, Carrie slipped back into 3rd place, however she was not out of it yet, she put in a final monster effort, and significantly reduced the gap between the leaders, eventually Carrie came in a close 3rd.

Pictures from the Day.

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