Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Chicago - 21st May 2014

The Fourth Presbyterian Church Michigan Avenue

The Fourth Presbyterian Church Michigan Avenue

Art outside the Hancock Tower

North Shore View of Lake Michigan from the Scenic Bar in the Hancock Tower

Sunset view from the Scenic Tower in the Hancock Tower

City view from the Scenic Bar in the Hancock Tower

Dinner at Andy's Jazz Bar is a must when you visit Chicago.

The Light House at Navy Pier

This Schooner will take pleasure boaters for a trip round the harbour.

Some Rich Play Boy with Private Helicopter

City view from the lake

City view from the lake

Silver Bean at Millennium Park

I don't fancy running down these stairs in an emergency

Ferris Wheel on the Navy Pier


  1. One question ... Where is Flor??????

    1. Flor will be on his own blog next week. Hope you can contain your excitement.


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