Saturday, 17 November 2012

Montezuma Castle - Arizona - 17th November 2012

Montezuma Castle National Monument is a must see destination for  tourists travelling from Phoenix towards Flagstaff in Arizona. In 1933, a 45-50 room, pueblo ruin was excavated, uncovering a wealth of artifacts and telling the story of the Sinagua people who inhabited this oasis along Beaver Creek for over 400 years.

Early visitors to the monument were allowed access to the structure by climbing a series of ladders up the side of the limestone cliffs. However, due to extensive damage to this valuable cultural landmark, public access of the ruins was discontinued in 1951.

Now, approximately 350,000 people a year gaze through the the windows of the past during a visit to Montezuma Castle. Even 600 years after their departure, the legacy of the Sinagua people continues to inspire the imaginations of this and future generations.

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